Rules and Regulations for the ROI Community Online Scavenger Hunt (the “Game”)

All participants of the Game agree to abide by the terms of these official rules and by the decisions of ROI Community and the Game administrator, a third party engaged by ROI Community (the “Game administrator”), which are final and binding in all matters pertaining to the Game.
  1. Entry to the Game is restricted to one entry per person.
  2. To play the Game, participants must register at to be eligible for any Game prizes.
  3. To play the game and to be eligible for prizes, participants (players) must be aged 18 years or over.
  4. The Game will run for 18 consecutive days (EDT), beginning Monday, 23 July and ending on Thursday, 9 August, 2012 (EDT) (the “Game Period”).
  5. Each day during the Game Period, excluding on Fridays and Saturdays, a task will be presented online and hosted on the Game blog (the “Daily Task”). For each Daily Task played and successfully completed, participants will earn a pre-determined number of points that may vary from task to task (the “Points”). The number of Points awarded for the completion of each Daily Task will be clearly publicised on the Game blog.
  6. Daily prizes will be awarded to participants who meet the criteria set out in the Daily Task (the “Daily Prize”). For the avoidance of doubt, earning Points is not the sole criteria for winning a Daily Prize; criteria for winning a Daily Prize will be specified on the Game blog and such criteria may vary between Daily Tasks. 
  7. The winner of a Daily Prize will be notified by the Game administrator via email and the onus will then be on the winners to contact the Game administrator in order to claim their prize.
  8. In the event the delivery of a Daily Prize is too complicated, as determined by ROI Community at its sole discretion, a substitute prize of equivalent value will be awarded in the form of an voucher.
  9. At the conclusion of the Game, each point earned by Game participants will be exchanged for one entry into a draw for a grand prize (the “Grand Prize”). Only one Game participant shall be awarded the Grand Prize.
  10. To be eligible for entry into the Grand Prize draw, players must have successfully completed at least one Daily Task.
  11. The Grand Prize will be drawn on Monday, August 13 in Israel and will be publicised on the Game blog and on the ROI Community Facebook page. The winner will be determined using a random number generator (the “Winner”) and will be notified by ROI Community or the Game administrator via email. To claim the Grand Prize, the Winner must contact ROI Community within 10 business days of receiving such email notification.
  12. Should the Winner fail to establish contact with ROI Community within the aforesaid period, ROI Community may cancel or transfer the Grand Prize to a newly selected winner, using the method set out in Section 9.
  13. The Grand Prize is a trip to any location worldwide for a Limmud conference of the Winner’s choice, including flights and registration, up to an amount of $4,000 US including taxes.
  14. The Grand Prize cannot be transferred by the Winner to any third-party.
  15. Employees of ROI Community and their immediate relatives may participate in the Game but will not be eligible to receive any prizes.
  16. In all cases, any decisions made by ROI Community and/or the Game administrator will be considered final and cannot be contended or appealed by any Game participant.

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