Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 9 - Meet The ROIers - Championing the LGBTQ Cause

It's the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance today, so we are shining the spotlight on a group of ROIers who dedicate their efforts towards a variety of LGBTQ related causes.

Ido Levit is a yoga teacher, has a black belt in ninjitsu and is a qualified therapist in circle breathing. He jointly owns and runs the Hamikve Dance Bar, Jerusalem's only gay club.

Together with his brother, Eyal Levit founded and runs Hamikve. He has also worked as the Jerusalem Municipality's musical producer for its most recent winter events.

Tera "Nova Jade" Greene is an award-winning DJ, film producer, writer and entrepreneur. Since 2010, she has been a contributing writer for the Jewish Journal's historic LGBTQ blog, Oy Gay.

Yoav Sivan is an Israeli journalist, now based in New York. He has served on the Boards of the Jerusalem Open House, the Aguda (Israel's LGBTQ Association) and the World Jewish Congress.

Margot Madeson-Stern works as operations coordinator for The Jewish Diplomatic Corps. As a member of the Israel Research Fellowship, Margot has campaigned to impact Israeli law to provide wider options for building a Jewish family in Israel.

Brian Elliot is the VP of Partnerships at Amicus, which builds online advocacy and fundraising technology for non-profits. Brian also founded Friendfactor, a web-savvy LGBTQ rights organization.

Talya Lev is a Jerusalem-based freelance web designer. Talya uses her skills to help advance the religious gay community by promoting tolerance and dialogue in both Israel and abroad.

Janelle Eagle is a film producer and LGBTQ Jewish activist. She founded the 2wice Blessed Project, for which she was awarded the Birthright/Natan Social Entrepreneurship grant.

Rachael Neumann is a consultant to some of the world's most most innovative and high impact social ventures. She also serves as a director for the Right Side of History Campaign, a movement committed to ending unjust legal discrimination against LGBTQ citizens.

Robert Saferstein is a specialist in online media, photography, music composition and film production. Robert is very active in the LGBTQ Jewish communuity. His latest project, Friday Night Lights, is a series of Shabbat dinners for gay professionals that highlights different charitable organizations that help the LGBTQ community.

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