Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 9 - Daily Task - Spot the Difference!

Welcome back everyone,

Today's game takes us all back to our childhoods... I mean, who didn't enjoy playing Spot the Difference puzzles as a kid, right?

Look at the 2 pictures below. The first is a real photo taken at this year's ROI Summit. The second is the same photo with 11 differences. Some of the differences may be obvious and easy to find, whilst others are pretty subtle and will require eagle-eye concentration to find.

You will see that there is a grid over the picture. Once you have found the differences, enter their grid co-ordinates into the form below.

For every 2 differences you find, you will be awarded 1 Scavenger Hunt point, meaning that there are a total of 5 points to be won if you find 10 or more differences.

And, as always, there is a great Daily Prize! 3 people, picked at random from everyone who finds at least 10 differences, will receive a bottle of fine Israeli wine delivered to their door!

Don't forget, to have the chance to win prizes, you must have registered for the game, which you can do here.

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