Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 12 - Daily Task - Dudu's Tennis Tantrum!

Hello Scavenger Hunters!

It's Day 12 of 14 and things are really heating up now! It seems that many of you found yesterday's challenge very tough so hopefully you'll make up some of your lost Scavenger Hunt points by successfully tackling this task.

On Sunday we found out that Debbie wanted Dudu to play tennis with her. Well they actually played together this morning, so let's find out what happened...

So, it seems Dudu needs some cheering up and Debbie is going to provide him with his favorite breakfast, just as soon as you work out what it is that he would like! The following 2 clues will help you to find the answer and, once you have it, send it in an email to scavengerhunt@roicommunity.org.

Clue 1.

Below is a 'Letter Drop' grid. Each letter needs to be dropped somewhere into the column that is immediately below it, in order to form a sentence in the black and white grid below. Once each letter has been correctly placed, you will have created your first clue.

Clue 2

Your second clue is a Sudoku puzzle but, instead of using the numbers from 1 to 9, you need to use the letters A, B, E, N, R, S, T, W & Y!

Once you have completed the Sudoku, you must read the letters in the 10 shaded squares, from the top downwards, to create your 2nd clue. When combined with the 1st clue, you will then have enough information to solve today's task.

Remember, your answer must be emailed to scavengerhunt@roicommunity.org.
As always, there is a great Daily Prize to be won and today we will be selecting 5 people at random, from those who correctly complete today's task, to each receive a $20 voucher to spend at Amazon.com.

Good luck everyone!

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