Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 12 - Daily Task - The Answer

The Daily Task for Day 12 is now closed!

So, following Dudu's little tantrum, today's task was to work out what Debbie should make Dudu for breakfast in order to cheer him up!

The first clue, if solved correctly, told us that 'DUDU WOULD LOVE A FULL TUB OF BEN & JERRY'S, BUT WHICH FLAVOR?'. The 2nd clue, the Sudoku puzzle, gave us the word 'STRAWBERRY'.

Therefore, Debbie decided to give Dudu a full tub of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Ice Cream!

Well done if that was the answer you submitted! It will have earned you 6 Scavenger Hunt points!

Come back soon to check your place on the scoreboard and to find out whether you were one of the 5 winners of today's Daily Prize, a $20 Amazon voucher!

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