Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 6 - Daily Task - Hide and Seek!

Welcome back to the game, everyone!

Today's challenge is a little tougher than usual so there are a huge 7 points up for grabs! 

Without further ado, let's turn to Debbie and Dudu to hear about today's Daily Task.

Today's theme is Jewish entertainers and as you heard in the video, you will need to solve the following clues in order to find the website where Dudu is hiding on the internet!

Clue 1

Below are 10 famous Jewish entertainers and each has been paired with their favorite website. Below the pictures are 9 statements, each of which is linked to one of the people. Use the statements to eliminate those 9 people and you will be left with one person and their favorite website. This will give you your first clue as to Dudu's whereabouts!

1. Eliminate the person who played a wizard in 8 movies.
2. Eliminate the person who is Kate Hudson's parent.
3. Eliminate the person who is 'Clueless'.
4. Eliminate the person who was born in Israel.
5. Eliminate the oldest person.
6. Eliminate the person whose real last name is Pincus.
7. Eliminate the person who has won exactly 2 Oscars.
8. Eliminate the person whose first and last name rhyme with each other.
9. Eliminate the person who is half Danish.

Clue 2

Use the following code to solve the second clue, which should be enough to help you find Dudu. Once you have found Dudu, he will tell you how to claim your 7 points.

Good luck, everyone! As always, check back later for the correct answer.

In keeping with the theme of Jewish entertainers, today's Daily Prize is a full set of DVDs of the 4 Israeli movies that received Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film in the past 4 years: 'Beaufort', 'Waltz with Bashir', 'Ajami' and 'Footnote'.

This amazing prize will be awarded, at random, to one person who successfully completes today's Daily Task!

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