Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 6 - Daily Task - The Answer

The Daily Task for Day 6 is now closed!

It seems many of you found today's puzzle a little harder than usual so let's go through it together...

First you had to eliminate 9 of the 10 Jewish entertainers. Here is the order in which they were to be eliminated:

1. Eliminate the person who played a wizard in 8 movies. DANIEL RADCLIFFE
2. Eliminate the person who is Kate Hudson's parent. GOLDIE HAWN
3. Eliminate the person who is 'Clueless'. ALICIA SILVERSTONE
4. Eliminate the person who was born in Israel. NATALIE PORTMAN
5. Eliminate the oldest person. WOODY ALLEN
6. Eliminate the person whose real last name is Pincus. BARRY MANILOW
7. Eliminate the person who has won exactly 2 Oscars. BARBRA STREISAND
8. Eliminate the person whose first and last name rhyme with each other. JACK BLACK
9. Eliminate the person who is half Danish. SCARLETT JOHANSSON

That left you only with SACHA BARON COHEN and his favorite website, which was Flickr.

Using the code given to solve clue No.2, you were given the following message:


So, you needed to go to and search for "Dudu's Hiding Place". If you did that, you were greeted by the following picture of Dudu.

So, to complete the task, you needed to send an email to, with "I love Dudu!" in the title!

Well done, to everyone who successfully completed the task. You all truly earned your 7 points! To everyone else, don't worry, there will be lots of opportunities to catch up in the coming days.

So check back shortly to see your current standing on the score board and to find out who won today's fantastic Daily Prize, a full set of the 4 Israeli movies that have received Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film over the last 5 years.

See you all soon! 

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