Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Day 8 - Daily Task - The Answer

The Daily Task for Day 8 is now closed!

Today's task was described by many of you as the hardest yet, so well done to everyone who persevered and finally found the correct answer.

The answers to the 10 pictograms, starting with the left side and then going on to the right side, are:

Shoshana Cohen (Shoshana is the Hebrew word for Rose)
Danielle Rugoff (Danny-L Rug-Off)
Greta Deerson (Greta Deer-Son)
Dalia Golda (Dali-A Golda)
Jonah Mink
Jackie Fishman
Benny Goldman
Ari Hart (R-E Heart)
Bar Peled (Bar Pe-Led)
Iris Mansour (Iris Man-Saw)

The letters in bold were specified as the letteres needed to make the last name of an 11th person and that person was Melisa Goldfinger! Well done if that is the answer that you submitted. You earned yourself 7 points!

Come back soon to see the updated scoreboard and to find out if you are one of the 3 lucky winners of a Nu Campaign T-shirt!

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