Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 13 - Daily Task - Rhinoceroses On Ice Skates?!

Welcome to the penultimate day of the ROI Scavenger Hunt! The excitement is continuing to soar as the Grand Prize Draw rapidly approaches!

One of the questions that we are asked most regularly by people that we meet is 'What does ROI stand for?'.

Well, as many of you may know, ROI is a common business term, which stands for 'Return On Investment'. It refers to the 'achievement of a desirable outcome as a result of wise investment', which is essentially exactly what ROI Community is!

Over the years we have heard many imaginative and amusing guesses of what ROI stands for. Today we asked Debbie, Dudu and a couple of their higher-profile friends what they think ROI stands for, and this is what they said...

For today's Daily Task, we want you to come up with an amusing alternative for what the letters R-O-I could stand for!

Your answer needs to be posted on the ROI Community Facebook wall and, simply by posting an answer you will earn 4 Scavenger Hunt points.

For today's game, there are also some bonus points to be earned:

1) If your answer is one of the 10 that make our resident comedian, Dudu, laugh the loudest, he will award you an extra 2 points!

2) If, in addition to posting your answer on Facebook, you also tweet your answer, and include the hashtag #ROIScavengerHunt, you will be awarded an extra 1 point! (If you didn't give us your twitter name when you registered, please email to let us know which Twitter name you have used.)

So there is a maximum of 7 Scavenger Hunt points to be won today!

And of course, there is a Daily Prize to be won today too. Today's prize will be awarded at random to 3 people who play today's Daily Task. As you may have seen earlier on the blog, we have a number of super-talented musicians amongst the ROI Community. One of them is the world famous Jewish hip hop artist Y-Love.

Today's Daily Prize is a copy of Y-Love's amazing album, 'This Is Babylon'.

Good Luck everybody!

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