Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 11 - Daily Task - The Extreme Food Game!

Welcome back to the game!

It's Day 11 on the ROI Scavenger Hunt and the Grand Prize Draw is getting closer!

As you may have seen on the blog earlier, the theme of the day is food! For today's challenge, your task is to identify ten common food items from extreme close-up photographs!

The game will be played on a tab within the ROI Community Facebook and you can find it here. Once you enter the tab, you will be presented with 10 extreme close-up photographs like this one.

Under each one, you will find a drop-down menu with four options from which to select the correct answer. You will receive one Scavenger Hunt point for every two correct answers that you submit but, if you correctly identify all 10 pictures, you will receive a bonus of two points, meaning that a total of 7 Scavenger Hunt points can be won!

As always there is also a great Daily Prize to be won. As you may have read earlier, a great number of ROI Community members are involved in food related initiatives. One member, Ofer Vardi has released a number of iPhone and iPad apps aimed at promoting Israeli cuisine and he has recently brought out a his first cookbook. 'Israel To Go' presents kosher Israeli cuisine with recipes and artwork solicited via crowd-sourcing and we are delighted to have five copies of the book to give away. They will be awarded randomly to five people that play today's game.

Good luck everyone and check back later for the correct answers!

Click here to play today's game!

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