Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 10 - Daily Prize Update

The scores have now been updated for Day 10 and can be viewed here:

Well done to everyone who said that Debbie wanted to play tennis with Dudu! You were each awarded 3 points! Today we were in a generous mood so, wherever possible, we gave 1 or 2 points to people whose answers were close but not quite right.

For today's Daily Prize, two people have been chosen at random from all of the correct answers, to each win $25 Amazon vouchers! They are:

Yishai Mizrahi-Varon &
Liana Berman

Congratulations Yishai and Liana! Your Amazon voucher will be delivered directly to your email address!

We'll see you all later for Day 11 on the ROI Scavenger Hunt, where rumor has it, there will be a whopping 7 points to be won!

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