Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 5 - Meet The ROIers - Moishe House Homies!

Moishe House is an international organization providing meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their twenties. It is an organization close to the heart of the ROI Community with a number of ROI members involved in different Moishe Houses around the world.

David Cygielman is the founder and CEO of Moishe House. Since pioneering the program in 2006, David has overseen the growth of Moishe House across 14 countries.

Rebbeca Karp is the East Coast Regional Director for Moishe House. She also sits on the Executive Committee for the Tribe12 Fellowship, ignited by PresenTense.

Rachel Rose Reid was a founding member of London's Moishe House. As a professional storyteller, she uses her work to melt defenses, build bridges and create meaningful connections.

Lena Kushnir founded the Kiev branch of Moishe House in 2010. She is currently the Content Manager and Youth Programs Manager for the Kiev Jewish Community at the Great Synagogue.

Tanya Gutsol is a resident at the Russian Moishe House NYC. She works as a Program Director at Brooklyn College and runs

Taras Prokopenko runs his own legal practice and volunteers for the local Jewish community in different arenas. He is a founder of Moishe House Gomel in Belarus and a permanent idea generator and organizer of different activities.

Alejandro Okret is the Senior Director of International Development at the Moishe House in London. He previously served in the Spokespersons Unit of the IDF.

Benji Holzman is a resident of the Dumbo Moishe House. Benji grew up in the Habonim youth movement in Australia and has been active in a range of social causes for over a decade.

Anna Bakula is the President of the Polish Jewish Youth Organization. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Warsaw branch of Moishe House.

Jeremy Moskowitz is the Eastern Regional Director of Moishe House. Jeremy has over five years experience in the non-profit sector, having started out as a Program Director for the Forest Foundation in 2006.

Alan Grabinsky is the co-founder of the Moishe House in Mexico City. He is also the founder and director of the Mexican branch of the Jewish Salons project, which seeks to explore Jewish identity through culture and arts.

Joel Stanley is the Director of International Programming for Moishe House and was a founding resident of Moishe House in London. He is also a Jewish theater-maker, director and educator.

Aaron Gilbert was a founding member of the San Francisco Moishe House. He has dedicated his life to youth development work and Jewish community organizing.

Jodi Berris is a Global Soccer Equipment Field Test Analyst for Nike. Jodi founded, and currently resides in the Moishe House in Portland, from where she personally initiates a wide variety of Jewish social projects.

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