Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 4 - Meet The ROIers - The Environmentalists

The environment is one of the biggest issues for social activists in the 21st century. Many ROI Community members are environmental activists, movers and shakers, here are just a few:

Evonne Marzouk is the founder of Canfei Nesharim, an organization that connects Jewish texts to contemporary scientific findings, to empower people to take an active role in protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future.

Gidon Melmed is both Development Director at the Summit Institute and Deputy Director at the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. Over the last decade, he has been managing a variety of projects focused on sustainable development.

Julie Wolk is a founding co-Director of Wilderness Torah and is dedicated to uncovering Judaism's earth-based traditions and to bringing related teachings to broader audiences.

Jacob Fine works as the Rabbi and Director of Programs at the Jewish Farm School. The school's mission is to practice and promote sustainable agriculture and to support food systems rooted in justice and Jewish traditions.

Baruch Rock serves as Rabbi of the Gesher Jewish Day School. He has been involved in environmental activism since his childhood, from recycling programs to beach clean ups.

Vivian Lehrer is the co-Founder and Program Director of the Eden Village Camp. Together with her husband, she has developed a Jewish overnight Summer camp, focused on environmentalism and social activism.

Adrienn Kurti has been involved with a huge range of volunteer projects over the past 20 years. She currently works as Project Coordinator for JMPoint and lectures on Eco-Kosher and sustainability.

David Krantz is the President and Chairperson of the Green Zionist Alliance. He previously served as a fellow at The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life.

Noam Dolgin is a freelance Jewish environmental educator and activist and ex-Executive Director of the Green Zionist Alliance. He previously spent 7 years as the Associate Director of the Teva Learning Center.

Becca Hailpern is the Director of Experiential Education at the New Community Jewish High School in West Hills, CA. Amongst her many responsibilities is to teach a text study course in Judaism and the Environment and to manage the school's organic garden.

Emily Freed is the Assistant Production Manager at Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo Inc., where she manages 8 ranches and greenhouses. In 2009, she served as Chair of the Hazon Food Conference. 

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  1. It's funny but some of them I still remember from the first ROI 120 that was - wow - 6 years ago :)