Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 2 - Daily Task - The Answer

The Daily Task for Day 2 is now closed!

It's been a 2nd whirlwind day on the Scavenger Hunt and, once again, whilst many of you answered correctly, some of you are going to need to raise your game if you want to give yourself the greatest chance of scooping the top prize!

The country that was neither represented at the 2012 ROI Summit, nor did it appear in the word-grid, was NORWAY.

As many of you pointed out to us, NORWAY did nearly appear in the grid! See below...

So well done to everyone who answered 'Norway'. You have each earned 3 points!

Remember to check back later for the updated scoreboard and to see if you were the winner of today's Daily Prize - a $50 voucher for Amazon.com!

And we'll see you all again tomorrow for Day 3 on the Scavenger Hunt!

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