Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 1 - Meet The ROIers! - The Asia Connection

Each day, alongside the Scavenger Hunt challenges, we will also be using our blog to highlight the amazing talents and initiatives of a selection of the ROI Community members.

Today, the focus is on five young innovators who have chosen to focus their creativity on a variety of projects and causes in the continent of Asia.

Sammy Chester originally joined ROI Community in 2006, having recently founded an urban-renewal organization called 'Nikayon Zion'. However, his current passion is in strengthening China's level of engagement in the Jewish World. 

Manuela Zoninsein is a Brazilian/American environmental journalist, currently living in China. She has stationed herself in Beijing because "as a journalist you have to be where the biggest stories are and China really is the biggest story".

The following video gives a deeper insight into what drives Manuela's passion for the country.

Rebecca Zeffert is the Founder and Executive Director of the Israel-Asia Center, a Jerusalem-based non-profit organisation dedicated to building a shared future between Israel and Asia. They aim to build and invest in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations, and are building dynamic networks to maximize their continued engagement and cooperation.

Seth Garz is the President of Israel China and is dedicated to researching the history of relations between Israel and China, as well as the future potential for that relationship. 

Erica Lyons is the Founding Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Asian Jewish Life and currently lives with her three children in Hong Kong. In her spare time she is highly active in Hong Kong's Ohel Leah Synagogue, as well as being on the board of Hong Kong's Jewish Historical Society.

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